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FOUNDER: Daniel Maraia
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Italian
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Business Consultant 

In 1978, an energetic 16 year old aspiring entrepreneur decided he would enter the world of heating engineering. British winters were long and cold, with frequent snow and ice. For someone who despised the cold, learning how to make your living accommodation warm, cozy and inviting seemed the perfect solution. So with great enthusiasm this ambitious young man entered a four year apprenticeship career where he learned all about the design and installation of various heating systems. Everything from natural gas, oil, and anthracite coal fuels were researched, marketed and installed in hundreds of people’s homes throughout East Anglia, UK. His eagerness to identify and appreciate the effectiveness and combination of materials enabled him to develop his trade skills during his 4 year college apprenticeship, winning him the accolades of both his teachers and peers alike. In 1980 he won the ‘Young Apprentice of the Year’ and was awarded the “Horace Gale Cup” for his outstanding college achievements. He completed his college training earning a City & Guilds Craft Certificate Award with Distinction and an Advanced Craft City & Guilds Certificate Award with Credits. On completion of his tradesman’s qualification he embarked on a solo career in the design and installation of various types of heating and plumbing systems, mainly in the domestic sector. 

The 80's were a time of tremendous change within the British workforce and so with sights on new and diverse career opportunity, this fully trained and qualified Heating Engineer took advantage of a new job opportunity in the Windows and Doors Fabricating Industry. Starting at grass roots, he learned everything about glass, design and fabrication and installation of UPVC windows, doors and conservatories. He was rewarded for his efforts with a managerial contract that enabled him to take charge of a small double glazing factory with 25 employees and an annual turnover of £1,000,000. 

With an ever increasing desire to learn new skills and diversify, this young businessman took advantage of the massive construction boom of the eighties to enter the Property Maintenance Sector. Thousands of new homes and businesses were now in urgent need of reliable and knowledgeable tradesmen, capable of looking after their investments. Having developed managerial experience in various trades and having acquired the services of a diverse network of skilled tradesmen he set about in providing customers the very best in Property Care and Maintenance. The Company “1st LIGHT” was established, and for the next 10 years thousands of customers in hundreds of properties benefited from a fast, reliable and caring maintenance service. 

In 2005 he decided to embark on a humanitarian aid adventure with his family. Together with his wife, son and daughter he spent the next four years living, working and mingling with the Myanmar people on many different levels. Between 2005 – 2009 he would acquire considerable insight into the working arrangements here in Myanmar. From 2009-2013 he was invited by an International Organization to participate in the construction of their new Administrative Headquarters in Myanmar, at Inya Road, Yangon. During this four year construction project he was put in charge of various trades and was responsible for the oversight and training of many local Myanmar workers. His expertise and successful management skills enabled him to be used on an even larger project by the same Organization. Between the years 2013-2017 he was used as a Project Manager of a multi-million dollar Conference Center in Northern Italy. He was responsible for the logistical needs of the entire workforce of 200 employees, caring for their transportation, accommodation and basic daily needs. 

He has now returned to Myanmar to use his vast experience to set up a new and innovative approach to Property Management. Hence, the formation of VICTUS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, the company to make your company more efficient!

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